Ventilation is the process of “changing” or replacing air in any space to provide high indoor air quality. This is vital to your home breathing properly. Yes, houses need to breathe.

At Leading Edge Roofing & Reno’s when we quote your roof we add in the cost of quality venting, we always check to make sure your home has adequate ventilation. We want you to understand how important proper ventilation, airflow, and insulation are to healthy indoor air. We take the time with each client to explain how ventilation works.

When airflow is stagnating in your home the is a strong chance there will be mold build up from the moisture of laundry, bathing, and kitchen use. The furnace, or fireplace, emits hot air, gases, and fumes causing indoor pollution creating allergens and a plethora of health problems. Not to mention the chemicals and gases emitted from household furniture and textiles. When ventilation is poor you could be spending more to heat and cool your home, and you will be living in a toxic air environment that can have grave results on your family’s health.

We offer Free roofing quotes that include a ventilation check-up. Even if you don’t need a roof replacement but are concerned about the quality of your home’s air due to your ventilation system, call us. We can help.
Proper attic ventilation extends the life of a roof and reduces problems because it minimizes the temperature difference between the attic and the air outside. We recommend and use Duraflo vent in all our new and re-roof projects. They are an excellent high-quality product, long-lasting, and made in Canada – locally in fact.

Being made in Canada they are well suited to our weather and environment, UV & Cold impact resistant to -40. They are crush, dent, and corrosion-resistant. The pivoting top with locking pitch tabs accommodate 3/12 to 12/12 roof pitch. The WeatherPRO® Series eliminates worry about foul weather. The unique baffle system within the WeatherPRO® Series off driving snow and blistering rain. The Pro50 roof vents eliminate bird nesting in the vent systems, plus it has all the above features.